Weight Loss And Relationships Study: Lose Weight And Lose Your Relationship?

Weight-Loss Surgery Safe for Very Obese Teens, Study Says

People need to be aware that weight loss can change a relationship for better or worse, and that communication plays an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship. Researchers surveyed 21 couples nationwide, where one couple in each relationship had lost 30 or pounds in less than two years. Questionnaires were administered to each couple that asked how the weight loss impacted the relationship. The original paper , entitled Weighty Dynamics: Exploring Couples’ Perceptions of Post-Weight-Loss Interaction, co-written by Dr. Rene Dailey of the University of Texas, revealed that yes, there were some negative consequences within the relationship, however most of those interviewed declared weight loss resulted in a positive interaction, such as sharing a healthy lifestyle.
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Weight loss surgery has ‘few’ short-term complications for teens

Teenager measuring her waist

This is when the digestive system is rerouted past the majority of the stomach. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy – when the stomach is reduced to around 25% of its original size – was performed in 28% of the patients, and 6% had adjustable gastric banding – when a band is used to reduce stomach size. Parents ‘should be reassured’ by findings On monitoring the adolescents for up to 30 days following the weight loss procedures, it was found that 77% of patients experienced no post-procedure complications, and there were no deaths as a result of the surgery. Minor complications, such as dehydration , occurred in 15% of the patients, while 8% experienced major complications, such as reoperations. Dr. Thomas Inge, of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and principal investigator of the study, says these findings should reassure parents who are looking to bariatric surgery as a treatment option for their children: “This is important news for families considering bariatric surgery for severely obese teens.
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The low rate of major complications is significant given that the teens were severely obese and had significant obesity-related health issues, said study author Dr. Thomas Inge, of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and colleagues. Inge’s team said further research is needed to assess long-term outcomes for teens who have weight-loss surgery. More information The U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases has more about weight-loss surgery .
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.newsday.com/news/health/weight-loss-surgery-safe-for-very-obese-teens-study-says-1.6375245

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