Stop Snoring Now

Snoring Couple in Bed

It could be your partner, parents, grandparents, or even Uncle Ned or Aunt Sophie that snore at various noise levels. Some laugh and make jokes about it, but it can be a symptom of a serious disorder called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). And if it is obstructive sleep apnea, then it is no laughing matter; that individual needs to get evaluated by a sleep specialist and learn to stop snoring. For the rest of us, the problem is a lot less serious and there are several measures you can take to stop snoring today. What is snoring?
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Snoring May Be a Warning of Serious Health Risk

The research that has been done in this area has returned conflicting evidence regarding the health risks associated with snoring. A limited amount of research has indicated that snoring does not pose risk to cardiovascular health. Australian researchers conducted a long-term study of nearly 400 adults and found no increased risk of cardiovascular disease or death from snoring. Other studies have suggested that snoring is associated with other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, but that there is no direct relationship between snoring and cardiovascular problems. Among these risk factors are obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption. Still other research indicates a more direct link between snoring and cardiovascular disease.
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